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Welcome to Golden Eagle Paragliding Club Bir Billing

Golden Eagle Paragliding Club Bir Billing

Bir Billing is one of the best places in the world to do Paragliding. Even Paragliding World Cup competition was conducted here in 2015. For the first time paraglider, we at Golden Eagle provide Tandem Joyrides where an experienced pilot takes you on an aerial tour. Enjoy the amazing views and have a comfortable safe flight on the foothills of the Dauladhar Himalayan range.

The takeoff point is at Billing, one kilometer higher than the landing spot at Bir. Imagine the thrill of sitting suspended in the sky with wind rushing past your face a kilometer above land – that is Paragliding at Bir-Billing.

Why choose us?

  • Real mountain flying - Spectacular scenery
  • Experienced Pilots - With hundereds of hours flying experience
  • Safe Tandem Joyrides - only certified equipment.
  • Training Options available - Beginner to Advanced.
  • Guidance available for new pilots - Intro and plans for your Bir-Billing trip.
  • Dealers for original equipment - including BGD Gliders, AirDesign, etc.

“Always happy landing. Save Nature save Earth.”

Golden Eagle Paragliding Club Bir Billing

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